May 30, 2012

Mystery in My Back Yard

Last week I saw a lot of color where color shouldn't be.  When I walked up to see what it was, I was hit with a really noticeable fragance and spots of color all entwined in the shrubbery.  I had no idea what the plant could be and how it got there.  So I grabbed my camera and took several pictures of it to show to my Master Gardener friend.  As soon as she saw the blooms, she knew right away -- a Rangoon Creeper.   Aha!  I had bought a Rangoon Creeper three years ago and set it out so it would climb all over the covered deck.  The following winter was really tough with several severe freezes and the vine died (OR so I thought).  The mystery is:  Where has it been and what has it been doing since it froze three winters ago.  It has relocated about 40 feet from where it originally started out to not a very good place for vines.  In other words - nothing to climb on properly.  Now what do I do with it?  Wonder if I can move it after it finishes blooming?

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